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TED Talks

So I end my night with this lovely argument from Ken Robinson, entitled “How schools kill creativity”, and I still upset that it’s been out for over five years and I’m only now seeing it.

Well, I bought his book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything before his eighteen minutes were even over. I’ll probably write a short review about it. (Disclaimer: it may be a fleeting review if I’m either tired or hungry)

I’ve only come across TED Talks a couple of times, the first time being when I watched a video by one of my favourite authors, Chimamanda Adichie, about the dangers of the single story, a must-see for all writers. After watching the Ken Robinson videos, I meandered over to good ole wikipedia to find out some more about TED Talks and its origins.

Everything looks good; I love the tagline ‘ideas worth spreading’, now curated by Chris Anderson (quick search shows he’s from Pakistan, not from the US or UK, shocker ain’t it?), and yes, scrolling down to the juicy section entitled ‘Controversies’.

-TED drew some controversy when in 2010 Sarah Silverman was invited to speak at the conference, and in response to her speech about adopting a retarded child, TED organizer Chris Anderson posted to his Twitter account, “I know I shouldn’t say this about one of my own speakers, but I thought Sarah Silverman was god-awful…”

-Sarah Lacy of the Business week and TechCrunch has criticized TED for claims of elitism. Lacy cites TED’s $6,000 ticket price, poor treatment of less important attendees, and such events as a friend being “de-invited to TED after quitting an ostensibly prestigious San Francisco job” as evidence of her claims.


I expected more conflicts.

Maybe one day when I’m bored I’ll research any other controversies that the media may have tried to hide. But for now, I’ll make an effort to watch more TED Talks.

This cutie, Ross Hudgens, was nice enough to give me a list of the most popular TED Talks, complete with a spreadsheet listing all of the statistics for each vid. Enjoy!


I just typed ‘spreadshit’ instead of ‘spreadsheet’. Thought you should know.



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